[KOVAN] Affordable $12 Half Chicken, Chicken Rice Stall

Jing Zhan Ji is no stranger to anyone when it comes to chicken rice. For just $2.50 for a plate of chicken rice, where to find? We bought half chicken with 3 plates of rice for just $13.80! $12 for half chicken, which means 1 plate of oil rice for just 0.60cents! I have eatenContinue reading “[KOVAN] Affordable $12 Half Chicken, Chicken Rice Stall”

Super Affordable Korean BBQ (from $1.50 – $3.90) at Omo Oishii!!

Coffeeshop Korean BBQs are becoming more and more popular nowadays, having cheap ala carte marinated meats to even seafood, or a buffet style. Here at Omo Oishii, they serve sharing platters and ala carte items for you to grill at a super affordable price! With 43 out of 55 items under $1.90, the prices areContinue reading “Super Affordable Korean BBQ (from $1.50 – $3.90) at Omo Oishii!!”

$2.50 HALAL Chicken Rice and $1 Chicken Skin at NurFir Nasi Ayam

We found this unassuming stall at the back of an industrial building’s coffeeshop, tucked into a corner, serving Halal chicken rice and plenty of other side dishes for just $1 each! Their portions for just $1 is quite decent and we had a hard time finishing everything we order. We spent a total of $9Continue reading “$2.50 HALAL Chicken Rice and $1 Chicken Skin at NurFir Nasi Ayam”


When people jio you go eat boat noodles, the only place people think of is ORTO. But here is a new spot for you to satisfy your boat noodle cravings! This is one of the few places I visit when I am craving for Thai Boat Noodles. Here at Ratchada Thai Food, only at theirContinue reading “$1 NETT THAI BOAT NOODLES | $1.50 NETT PIG TROTTER RICE”