Super Affordable Korean BBQ (from $1.50 – $3.90) at Omo Oishii!!

Coffeeshop Korean BBQs are becoming more and more popular nowadays, having cheap ala carte marinated meats to even seafood, or a buffet style. Here at Omo Oishii, they serve sharing platters and ala carte items for you to grill at a super affordable price! With 43 out of 55 items under $1.90, the prices are really hard to beat. And their portion size is very decent, let me show you!

For just $1.90, you can get any one of their 43 ala carte items, including marinated meats and seafood. YES, THAT IS THEIR PORTION SIZE. Super worth it for just $1.90!! Almost 80% of their ala carte items are under $1.90, whack until you happy.

When you order their KBBQ, it comes with a COMPLEMENTARY soup base, choose from ginseng soup (left) or kimchi soup (right). Their ginseng soup comes with a whole ginseng root in it! Really can taste the ginseng in the soup, not those watery watery kind.

Aside from their $1.90 items, they have my this, beef short plate, my favourite. Thinly sliced beef short plate, super fatty and tender. For just $2.90, you can get a plate of this, and the portion is quite damn solid. I 1 person can whack 10 plates no problem. Fatty and tender, dip in their chilli, super shiok.

Speaking about their chilli, they have 2 different chilli sauces. Omo Oishii Korean Signature Chilli (left) and Omo Oishii House Special Chilli (right). Both their chilli is made in-store to ensure freshness. Their Korean Signature Chilli tastes similar to Korean ssamjang that’s commonly used in KBBQ. But I like their House Special Chilli, it is sour and spicy, very appetizing. Especially eaten with fatty meats, it cuts through the fattiness and jelakness.

Instead of ordering ala carte, they have sharing platters too! They have their Seoul Meat Tower (left) and Omo Party Platter for 4 (right), both of which is $35.90 per platter. They also have Omo Party Platter for 2 for just $19.90. Their Seoul Meat Tower comes with 1.2kg of marinated meats, excluding luncheon meat, meatballs, etc, 1.2 kg of ONLY meat, confirm enough for everyone.

Omo Oishii just launched their new Korean Army Stew!! For just $15.90, you get to enjoy this awesome army stew! Good for 2 -3 pax, this army stew contains generous amounts of ingredients and it’s topped with an anchovy soup base. Feel free to add on ala carte ingredients of your choice. Soup base top-up is free too!

Enough talk, head down to Omo Oishii today to enjoy their super affordable KBBQ or Army Stew or BOTH! I highly recommend getting their Beef Short Plate! GO AND WHACK!

Omo Oishii

Wan Hao Coffeeshop
Block 217 Bukit Batok Street 21
Singapore 650217

Opening Hours:
12pm – 10pm Daily

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