$2.50 HALAL Chicken Rice and $1 Chicken Skin at NurFir Nasi Ayam

We found this unassuming stall at the back of an industrial building’s coffeeshop, tucked into a corner, serving Halal chicken rice and plenty of other side dishes for just $1 each! Their portions for just $1 is quite decent and we had a hard time finishing everything we order. We spent a total of $9 for the 2 of us, super worth it.

Nowadays, a decent plate of chicken rice is at least $3.50. Here at NurFir Nasi Ayam, they sell their chicken rice at only $2.50 and it is pretty good! Their chicken is not dry (maybe because we got the drum and thigh) and is very flavourful. The rice is one of the better and more fragrant chicken rice I’ve had, soft, fluffy, not too starchy and most importantly, fragrant and oily. It might be a little too oily for me but it definitely has good flavour.

Moving on to their $1 side dishes. First, we have their $1 fried chicken skin! One of the must gets when you visit this stall. Crispy and flavourful, the chicken skins are coating in a marinate then deep fried until super crispy. The chicken skins have a typical Malay fried chicken flavour, compared to the usual chicken skins you can find, this is pretty good.

We also got chicken liver (left) and chicken butt (right). The chicken liver is a little dry on the inside, making it quite difficult to eat a lot of. On the other hand, the chicken butts were quite good, the meat falls off the bone easily and is tender and tasty, would definitely get it again.

They have other side dishes on the menu such as chicken gizzard, chicken neck as well as chicken heart. They have quite an extensive menu for a chicken rice stall, having plenty of chicken giblets.

Overall quite a decent and affordable place for a good meal. I feel that the $1 chicken skin is a must-get if you come here.

NurFir Nasi Ayam

Address: 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore 768159
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday : 11am – 9pm
Sundays & Public Holiday Eve : 11am – 8pm
Tel: 94741986
Check out their Facebook page here.

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