IKEA Singapore is now serving MALA Chicken Wings & MALA Chicken Thigh?

Yes, that’s right, even IKEA is hopping on the MALA trend. Nowadays, everything also can make a MALA flavour, potato chips, fish skin, fried rice and many more. Now IKEA has made its own take on MALA, introducing MALA chicken wings and MALA chicken leg with spaghetti.

Photos via Ikea

The MALA Chicken Leg with Spaghetti is an entire chicken leg and pasta topped with IKEA’s mala sauce. Their MALA sauce is on the sweeter side and has chunks of Sze Chuan peppercorns the typical spices you would find in a normal MALA sauce. You definitely feel the numbing sensation after a few bites. It is definitely not the most authentic MALA sauce, but you can definitely taste the MALA flavour.

Photo via Ikea

They also have MALA chicken wings! I didn’t get to try this when I went down, looks spicy!

These are up for a limited time only so be sure to head down and try it ASAP!

MALA chicken wings are only available until 28th February 2021
MALA Chicken Leg with Spaghetti is only available until 7th February 2021

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