When people jio you go eat boat noodles, the only place people think of is ORTO. But here is a new spot for you to satisfy your boat noodle cravings! This is one of the few places I visit when I am craving for Thai Boat Noodles. Here at Ratchada Thai Food, only at their Tampines outlet, you get to feast on $1 NETT Thai boat noodles, they got 2 types, Thai thick herbal broth or Thai Tom yum soup.

Choose from 6 different toppings for your boat noodles.

  • Pork Ball
  • Beef Ball
  • Chicken Slice
  • Beef Slice
  • Pork Slice
  • Pork Liver

The soup base is key when it comes to Thai boat noodles, I like their soup base here, both the Thai herbal soup as well as the Thai Tom yum soup are both awesome. The way I like to eat my boat noodles is to order a bunch of different varieties and whack. I like that their tom yum soup is not too spicy and is very appetizing, a very good compliment to their herbal broth.

For $2 only, their crispy fried pork skin is a must order! Dip into the soup of your Thai boat noodles, wah, damn shiok. The crispy and savoury pork skin provides an added texture and saltiness in between bites of your boat noodles. And they fry the pork skin themselves one hor, not those pre-packed ones you find at golden mile complex.

Now for their pork trotter rice.. $1.50 NETT only?! Don’t see the bowl small ah, actually got quite a lot of stuff inside. It comes with a decent serving of pork trotters, pickled vegetables, and rice, drenched with braised sauce. They braise their pork trotters for over 6 hours, until soft and tender. It goes perfectly with the rice and pickled vegetables. It comes with just the right balance of fats and lean meat.

Overall a cheap and good place for a solid bowl of Thai boat noodles and pork trotter rice. While writing this article my stomach already craving for more, will definitely head back there for some awesome boat noodles. They also serve ala carte Thai dishes too, I will be sure to try it on my next visit. Do come down with your friends and family, now phase 3 liao, can 8 pax. Come and whack!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ratchada Thai Food

Address: 138 Tampines Street 11, Singapore 521138
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11am to 3pm, 5pm to 10pm
Tel: 9736 4447
Check out their website here!

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